Strategic communications, events and information provider with over a decade of experience within the Brussels’ EU political arena.



By providing a broad range of communication services Lugomedia Group helps organisations amplify the impact of their messages, positions and activities. 

We deliver results by combing in house expertise with a wide network of prominent PR, public affairs and political consultants.

Lugomedia Group also operates three different brands through which we provide our clients with DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS services, EVENT ORGANISATION support and strategic INFORMATION.


Who Do We Work With?


Our Founders

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Aleksandra Lugovic


While completing her doctorates degree in Business Administration, Aleksandra established herself as a leading Brussels’ expert in organisation of high-level events. Aleksandra is in charge of Groups's day to day operations and manages CONCEPT EVENTS - a brand under which we organise EU affairs events in Europe.

Filip Lugovic


Filip oversees strategic development and implementation of all Lugomedia’s projects and manages daily business of The Right Street, our digital communications brand. Previously he consulted for DeHavilland EU, a political intelligence provider, and, the leading online newspaper on EU politics. Filip holds an MBA degree and has over 12 years of hands on experience within the Brussels' political arena.


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